A lady interacting with Salman Khan on Dus ka Dum fainted

dus ka auditions pics (1)

A lady while interacting with Salman Khan

got so emotional that she fainted

As you all know, the Shooting of the Dus ka Dum show has begun. The show is schedule to released on 4th of June. on the first day of shooting The lady contestant was extremely happy to her favorite star.

While conversation with her dream fav star she collapsed. She told Salman about her family financial conditions and said that her son due to lack of money degraded to lower grade school. She collapsed while making these words. The Super star salman came forward and hold her.

Well, Dus ka Dum show is going to be very much exciting and entertaining. So, stay tuned with Sony TV from 4th of June and stay connected with  10kadumsony.in.


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10 Ka Dum (Dus ka Dum) is an Indian reality game show on Sony TV. The show is hosted by Actor Salman Khan. In 2018, we will have third season. The show will aired in month of July.

4 thoughts on “A lady interacting with Salman Khan on Dus ka Dum fainted

  1. Mera Beta Salman bhai ka number 1fan he wo one year ka he jab bhi swag se karenge sabka swagat ganna bajtahe bo nachne lagtahe bhai ko dikhana chahatihnu please ek moka deejiye

  2. हम तो लुट गए जानी तेरे प्यार में तूने धोखा दे दिया हमें इस प्यार के इजहार में हमारी क्या गलती थी हमारी क्या खता थी फिर भी तूने यह सोचे समझे बेवफा का नाम दे दिया ,,🎂💐👌 दिलरुबा दिल चीर कर देखो हमारा तुम्हारी तस्वीर मिलेगी प्यार करने वालों में एक हमारी तकदीर तुम्हें मिलेगी

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